You have a Code setup at your Board level that displays the title 


But when you are looking in the Student records, the course title does not show up and that will be an issue for the Transcript. 

What can cause that issue: 

At your school level - when the Course file was created the title was not entered, meaning that the class will not provide the Course title which means that it does not show in the student records in Achievement/Completed courses once completed for the Transcript.  


How to fix it: 

Go to School level > Setup > Class info > Course > select the course > Edit the course 


Change the Course code for another code (temporarily) - we recommend taking a course code that you will quickly recognize, preferably a course code who is not in use (I.e.: YPP PM2) 


Then search for that Course code and change it back to the initial Course code and SAVE.  Your Course title will display properly 


And the Class will also show with the proper Course title. 


If that change is made and the Course is/was already in history in the Student records – Completed course, you will need to add the Course title manually in each record.