When printing Transcript, the title for a Course code is not reflecting the appropriate title. 


It is a possibility for some reason and at some point, a Course title was registered not following the appropriate and defined as per the Ministry. 


HSP3U is supposed to be: Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology 



  1. 1. Dashboard > select the Board level > Setup > Class info > Code 

  1. a. Verify at the Board Level if the title is the appropriate one 

  1. b. If not, change it. 

  1. 2. Dashboard > select the school > Student records > Achievement > Completed courses > Edit the Courses with the wrong title change the Course code only temporarily to a different course code: (remember what you changed it to ) > Save it and change it back to the appropriate one. The proper Title should show accordingly. 


Example: Completed courses > Edit HSP3U > change the course code only temporarily for CHA3O save it change the Course code back to HSP3U. The title should show as Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology