Student tools > Lockers > and select one of Clear lockers or Clear locks. 

Scenario 1 

You were able to clear all the lockers, but unable to clear the locks (combinations) 

SOLUTION 1 : If the school has set their Locker owner "Student's personal lock" if you want to clear it with the process (CLEAR LOCKS), it will not remove them.  

You will need to set the locker owner as “School supplied lock in: 

Setup > Lockers > Locks > Edit the Individual locks > modify it 



then you will be able to run “Clear locks. 

In the case you have a lot to modify, please open a ticket with SIS Support in order. 


Scenario 2 

You want to clear the Lockers, but keep the lock provided to the studentsSo when you run “Clear lockers”, it clears also the lock. 


If you have the lockers set as School owned...which means the lock belongs to the locker not to the student---therefore if you unassign the locker, the lock becomes unassigned. This kind of explains the logic (this is from 5x manual). Are there lockers set to Assigned to school 


As examplethe locks are set to school owned. 


So, when you remove the locker, it will also remove the lock assigned to it.  

In order to keep the lock with the student, you will need to change the locker owner as “Student's personal lock”. To modify it, please follow the steps: 

Setup > Lockers > Locks > Edit the Individual locks > modify it 



Note that we’ve added lately an Enhancement about "existing lock" when the lock is built in (15539): "On edit locker interface, need the option to associate an existing lock. User can now select that a Built-in lock is existing, and then pick the combination from a dropdown list of currently unassigned locks."