NOTE: When a student turns the age greater than or equal to of the value set and configured in edsembli SIS Security / Policies / Parent Access, a parent who was given access to the student will continue to have access until the student chooses to remove that access.

In order to set this value for your school board, please logon to edsembli SIS WebAdmin at the board level, select Security, then Policies and set the No parental access granted (age) value under Parental Access.

Upon reaching the age set in the policy above in edsembli SIS, they can then remove or enable the access to Connect from Parent/Guardian who has a parent account on the Family Portal.

To do this, the student needs to login to the Student Portal.  After login, click on My Profile at the top menu.

Click on Parental Access and check/uncheck the parent/guardian they want to allow/remove access from.

NOTE: Parental Access option it's only available to students 18+ years old