Please Note:  When we set up the NEW PLAR attendance type, (per ministry guidelines) we inaccurately made it a mandatory field when you clicked the Mature Flag.  This is being corrected.

Below is how it should be used correctly.

For all students over the age of 18

From the student School Enrolment Screen -Additional OnSIS information – click the Mature Flag for any student over the age of 18.  This is how it gets populated in the batch file and up to OnSIS.

For all students who are being issued PLAR credits over the allowable 10 credits in Grade 11 and 12

The New PLAR attendance type should only be selected if you are going to issue more than 10 PLAR credits to your student in Grade 11 and 12. (Please see below from the ministry)

The PLAR for Mature Students policy (PPM132) underwent revisions on July 28, 2023, and these changes will take effect from September 1, 2023. As a result, business rules will be updated to incorporate these modifications. Additionally, the Ministry aims to determine the rationale behind granting a maximum of 14 Grade 11 and 12 credits through challenge and equivalency processes.

To facilitate this, a new field will be added to the School Enrolment form. This field will enable schools to specify the reason for granting up to 14 credits, with options including:

  • College diploma
  • University degree
  • Certificate of Apprenticeship and/or Qualification