Connect Generate Accounts –Students/Parents  


To generate multiple Connect accounts at once, go to More Tools, and click the edsembli Connect Card.


Click on the Generate Accounts tab.

You can choose the Group type from the dropdown. To create a student account, select the Student group.

Click the + button to search for the individual or group of students to create accounts for.

You can search for an individual student, or you can click the pink search button on an empty search to pull up a list of all students you can select from. You can also click the blue Search Criteria text to bring up the search criteria settings to narrow down your search.  

Select the individual account or check the top right Select All button.

The selected accounts will show up in the list of accounts to generate under the People section. 

You can check the box “Exclude empty spaces from user name(s)”, if you would like that option. 

Click the pink Generate button near the bottom right of the screen to create the account(s). 


You’ll see a notification from the task queue with details on the account(s) creation. It will show “Completed” when the accounts have finished being generated. You can click the Completed task to bring up a PDF list of accounts generated. 


Alternatively, to create Connect parent accounts, from More Tools> edsembli Connect Security card> Generate accounts tab, choose the Parent Group from the dropdown. 

In the search bar, you can search for a student to bring up their parent contacts. 



Select the (Mother, Father, or Guardian) Contact type(s) from the dropdown checklist to narrow down your search. 

You will also need to check off at least one option from the “Contacts with the following access” section. 

Once a setting is checked, the pink Generate button at the bottom right of the screen will be enabled. Click the pink Generate button to create the Connect accounts for the contacts in the People list. 

At the bottom of the screen, there are also two extra settings for you to choose to activate. 

The task queue notification bell will let you know when the accounts have been created. 

The created accounts will then show up in the Accounts tab of edsembli Connect Security. 

You can search for the username, and then click an account to choose between options to Edit the account settings, view Details, or Change password. 


If you run into any issues, please send in a support ticket.