If a parent contacts the school and reports, they are unable to log into the portal to view their students report card. Here are a few troubleshooting tips to check. 

  1. Parent has parent portal account
  2. Digital document was created
  3. Digital document is checked to be published to the portal

1. Parent portal account created 

Parents connectED account will show active from the student record> family/ contacts> contacts> 

You cannot edit the parents permission from this screen, you will need to follow the next example if you need to change permissions.

You can also check the parents connectED account by going to the main menu> more tools> security> edsembli connect> go> search the account name 

From this screen you can edit the parents permissions 

2. Checking if digital documents has been created

Go to the student record > Personal> Digital documents 

Here you will see any digital documents that have been created for the student. If you do not see any documents you will need to create them. Please review the following solution article CONNECT Account Setup: STEP 5- Publishing Digital Documents to the Portal : edsembli Support 

3. Was the digital document published to the portal

Under the student record> personal>Digital documents> choose the digital document you need and edit 

If Published to parent portal is NOT checked, you will need to check this and SAVE