The first step will be to setup the Digital documents at your Board level using the following Solution article: How to set up a digital document Types : SIS Support (   

1. Normally, digital documents are created for the Report cards. So, you should create your digital docs when you are printing your Report Cards with following those steps: 


Achievement > Report cards > select the report cards > then select for who you want / to print the report cards and select for which Sem/Term (1) & (2) > then select "Create digital documents" (3) > Go to the top (4) select Digital Document/Email 


    Select the required information and Type in the title of your document > Click on the Printer 


Note: If you are using the Parent/student Portal, if you want a message to be sent to the Parents/students to inform them that the report card is available on their Portal (is published), you will need to check the box "Publish to parent/student portal".

If you need to set up the Parent/student portal accounts please use the following link:

Connect Teacher Setup and Digital Documents

2. The other way to create a Digital document is to add it through the Student records > Personal > Digital documents > "+" > Select/Complete all fields > Click in the paper clip to the Upload document > select the file (ONLY .PDF is accepted) > Select ""Publish to parent/student portal", if required (see note above) > SAVE