Normally when adding a Student records in the Personal section > Contact info, you will add the address of the Student. After you will create the Family & Contacts and complete the required fields as per the address.  When adding the address to the contact, if the contact is living with the student you will select: already entered for someone else  and select the Student one.


When the date is entered red and it is finish the icon “Lives with – should show beside the contact name : 


In the case, that you make the selection, and it tells you that nobody can be found for that address, that means that if you enter the address manually, the icon will not shows for that contact. 


1. Remove all address from Student contact info and Parents/Contact(s) who lives with.

2. Enter address to father, then mother or other contacts that the student lives withsave and get out from the Student records. Just to ensure that those last entries are well saved.

3. Return to the Student records > Personal > Contact info > add address: already entered for someone else > Next > set the date > Finish 

The icon "Lives with" should display properly beside the name of the contact who needs it.