(Scheduling Next year > Course selections >…) 

Once Initialize Next year has been run and you have verified your School schedule (next year) 

You will need to go through the following steps for the Course selections: 


  1. Review your Courses and delete/add courses that will or will not be offered for the Next School year. 

If you don’t use the Student Portal, you will need to use the manual entry for the students’ course selections.  That means that your Guidance counselor will provide the students with a form to be completed by the student with the courses available (elective or not) and returned once completed. 

  1. You may use the Add/delete/replace course selections card if you want to enter non elective courses that a group of students will need to take (I.e.: for grade 10, CHV2O, ENG2D, GLC2O, etc); or 

  1. You may want to use Individual card or go directly to the Student records > Class info > Course selection to enter course selections. 

Once all course selections are entered in Edsembli: 

  1. You may run the Course tally to have an idea of the number of students per course offered.  That will help you to make decisions. 

If you are using the Student Portalin order to have those courses available for selections, it is important that during the review of your course (1) you ensure that the box is checked beside “Display for student use during course selection”.   


Once completed on the student’s portal they will populate the course selection in the Student records.