1. Only Preferred courses added 

Any choices entered into the Preferred choices will be considered when Load students is run. Load students will attempt to load all of the courses defined in preferred courses. If it cannot load a course, this will be considered a conflict, and the student will be included in the incomplete timetables, or conflict report depending on the situation. 


  1. Preferred  courses and Alternate courses 

If you have Alternate course selections entered and no checkmark in the Substitution box for Preferred course selections, then LOAD STUDENTS will NEVER look at the alternate course 




  1. Preferred and Alternate courses added with substitutions 

If you have Alternate course selections entered and a checkmark in the Substitution box for Preferred course selections, then LOAD STUDENTS will try to replace the Preferred course with an Alternate IF it cannot fit the Preferred course into the timetable. Load will always try to load the preferred courses first, and will only load the alternates if required.