Locate the student that is leaving in the SIS. Main menu> student search

under the student record> class info> timetable

As you can see the timetable indicates this student has 2 continuous entry classes in the timetable


Student record> enrolment>student enrolment > edit student enrolment screen.

Change the student from this year to withdrawn > set the exit date and exit description> Save

The following screen will appear, click cancel since this student has NOT completed these classes.

The student has now been withdrawn.  If the student comes back in the same school year you will go to the school enrollment re-enroll the student with the proper dates. Timetable will populate with the continuous entry classes they had prior to leaving. 

If a student is removed and added in the same semester, the classes get repopulated into their timetables. If you have students that leave and come back often you will need to clear the timetable and fix the dates as needed.