This solution article is amid to educate on how the SIS handles dates in the register for continuous entry classes.

If you need to withdraw a student that has continuous entry classes, please click on the link below:

How to withdraw a student with continuous entry classes : SIS Support (

Currently in the SIS when you re-enroll a student from 'Withdrawn' to 'This year Next year' or 'This year only' the continuous entry classes will show in the timetable. It is up to the administration team to remove and add new classes to the students timetable.  When the classes are added back into to the timetable the register will reflect the dates the classes currently run form the classes file. You will see a modify date that will reflect when the classes were added back into the timetable. 

In this example, I enrolled the student on Nov 6, 2023 the classes were entered back into the timetable and will show as date modified as Nov 7, 2023. This date will always show as the date you entered the student back into the system. 

If you want the start date of the class to reflect the date the student was re-enrolled, you will need to modify the date in the register. The SIS will always read the dates from the classes file, it is up to the administrator to make these changes. 

Click on the class and choose edit> make the change and SAVE