Exam Scheduling 


To setup the Exam scheduling you will need to be at the school level  

Main Menu, Exams  



Step 1 

Exam Parameters 



The parameters set here will be used when creating the exam schedule for the students 


Step 2 

Assign Exams by group  


The Exam field in the courses file must be set to YES in order for the exam scheduler to create the exam timetable, this option will mass assign the EXAM field to YES (instead of going individually through the courses and editing each course to set the field) 

*Only the Examination field needs to be set to YES if you are doing the Automatic assignment option 



  1. Exam by group gives you the ability to set the specific exam time for courses  


  1. Automatic Assignment allows the program to assign the exam schedule automatically 





Step 3 

Print Exam timetable  


This process will show you where the exams have been placed 

As an example, you see in this document that ENG is on Day 1 period 1 and nothing in Period 2 

Day 2 Period 1 has SCH3U0 and SNC2D0 


If you are not happy with how the schedule is you can make changes in the courses to the day or the period and rerun the Exam Timetable 



Step 4  

Print Students’ exam conflicts 

This will give you a print out of the students who have conflicts in their exam timetable 



Step 5 

Print teachers’ exam loads 



This will give you a PDF of the teacher load