The "Grade 9-12 report card" (achievement->Report Cards) cannot be generated properly anymore. The document now only contains one blank page.



To correct this issue, you will need to make sure the Terms are setup correctly.
1) Go to the board level. 

2) Go to Setup> Marks and comments> Terms. 

3) Edit the relevant terms and make sure to share each one with the school.

4) To share these terms, click on a term> Edit. This open the screen below. 

5) Near the bottom of the screen click the plus (+) sign in the Selected schools bar.



6) Put a check in the box beside the school's name. Click Select on the bottom right of the window.  


7) Back on the first screen click Save in the bottom right of the screen. 

8) Repeat these steps for all of the affected terms that should be shared with the school.  

--All of the terms with identifiers RT001 to RT009 need to be shared with the school, even when some of terms will not be used by the school. 

9) Once these are all shared with the school, the Ontario report cards should no longer produce a blank page.