If you have a school that is not able to send report cards check the following settings to make sure the school is setup properly. 

Email settings should reflect what is setup from the board level, if they don't' you can push the settings to the school

Main menu>Setup> email settings>

Edit the settings and choose the action you wish to push to schools. Run a test email to make sure you are receiving the email. 

The school still can't create digital docs or send report cards via email, check the error log that is created

Go to your notification bell> preview error log

If the error says the URL is missing, you need to check the schools paths

Back to the school main menu>more tools>security> edsembli connect> go > settings > click on the pencil to edit the page

Make sure PATHS are filled out, if blank you will not be able to create the digital doc and email the report cards. 

Tip: check other schools in your board/division