What Are Master Classes? 


Master classes are like normal classes, however, a master class will have modules. 
 The master class will get attendance for students while each module will get the marks. 

 The way it works is Students will register for a master class and then get to pick which modules they want to take under that master class. They don’t need to take every module but will need to take enough to fill a requirement. 
 The modules are like different topics a class will cover, where each topic is it’s own class that goes a lot deeper in terms of knowledge and learning. 

Typically, the CTS master class is scheduled into the timetable in a specific period, and the student takes many modules as part of their course. The CTS module classes are not scheduled into a period.  

The master class is not an official course code, but is used as a placeholder in the student’s timetable for scheduling and attendance purposes.  

Typically, the master class and its modules use similar course codes and the same section letter.  

For example, FOD1000a  or FOD10Ma could be the master foods course.  

The CTS module courses for the student in the master class would all be section ‘a’ classes, such as FOD1010a (food basics), FOD1020a (contemporary baking), and FOD1040a (meal planning). 

The CTS information area (In Classes) allows the school to indicate that a class is the master class of a Career and Technology Studies (CTS) course. 


If the class is a CTS master class, check the box “Is this a master class?”. 




Then use the drop down box in the CTS modules field to select the module classes.  Check the boxes beside the classes that are modules as shown below. Note: the modules classes must first exist as classes. 




The selected modules will then appear as shown here: 



If a class is a module, its master class will be displayed for reference only (not editable). 



A CTS icon will appear in timetables if the class is a CTS master. 

Subjects and course categories: 

CTS modules 

This area is not editable because the data will come PASI once Course Mark Integration is enabled. Prior to that time, it will be set to No and greyed out. This data is irrelevant and not collected in the Course Mark file transmissions and it is for that reason it remains unavailable. 


CTS module: Yes/no field to indicate whether the course is a CTS module. If set to Yes, 2 additional fields are enabled, which are only applicable to CTS modules: 

Course instructional level: Indicates the rigor of the curriculum and thus the level of skills taught within a CTS course. 

Course strand: Indicates the strand (or career area) to which a CTS course is related. 

 More information: