When you are ready to prepare your classes for next year this means you have already Initialized scheduling for next year. You can place all your classes using the Automatic Master builder. The classes need to have Semester/Term and Semester/Term pattern to be placed.

Hamburger menu> Scheduling next year> schedule classes>master builder Automatic> GO

You may choose how many passes you wish to make and how many periods per day a teacher can teach.

Place an * and choose a class to load all the classes to be scheduled> Schedule (bottom right corner) 

You will see the notifications go to your bell. This process will take several min to complete depending on the size of the school. You should see 1,2,3 notifications. If the process runs quick and fails, see troubleshooting tips below.

Troubleshooting tips:

Common mistake is only adding the * and not choosing the class. This will produce an error message and fail