Parent Portal – Self Registration 


The parent portal for edsembli’s CONNECT has the ability to allow parents to set up their own parent account in order to view their child’s information and receive digital documents. The first step to enabling this function is to contact the edsembli SIS support team via opening a freshdesk ticket, requesting this function to be enabled. 

Once the function is enabled, below are the steps to be performed by the parent to set up their own account:  

1. The parent will  have to click on the ‘Create Account’ Button: 


2. Clicking this button will bring up information fields that the parent needs to fill out. please ensure they  use the same email that is currently populated in the student record under their contact information: 



3. Once the information is entered, then click on ‘Create Account’.   Parents will receive the below stated  message . 


4. The parent will receive an email from . upon opening the email message,  please click on the prompt click here” in order to activate the account. Upon clicking, a new screen will appear confirming the activation of the parent’s new account: 



5. Now that the parent has activated their account, they can log into the parent portal. The username for the parent is automatically created as what is defined within edsembli

(FoSchool Staff only) 


  2. School staff can view the username schema by going to the school level -> More Tools -> Security -> edsembli CONNECT, then clicon ‘Groups’, select and edit the parent group 

  3. Go to the name schema tab to see the username, if you do not have a name schema in mind, an easy option is to set the name schema  as the user’s email address: 


  1. If there is a need for  to edit this username schema you will have to do so through the central office(Board level). 

  1. The access that the parent has for viewing their child in the parent portal can be defined within edsembli at the central office (Board) level by going to More Tools -> Security -> edsembli CONNECT, then click on ‘Groups,’ than selecand edit the parent group. Go to the P