Validate OENs in OnSIS

The Validate OENs in OnSIS card is necessary to run before every OnSIS submission. The data is checked to see if there is any mismatched information between the OEN site and Edsembli. You always want to keep your data clean.

1. Click 'Main Menu.'

2. Select 'Ontario Reporting.'

3. Select 'Ontario Education Numbers (OEN).'

4. Click 'CREATE' on the 'Validate OENs in OnSIS card.'

5. It is recommended to select 'Include optional fields (e.g. LEGAL_SECOND_NAME)' The location of the file is shown on this screen.

6. Click 'CREATE BATCH FILE' from the bottom right-hand corner.

7. A toast will pop up saying that the request has begun. Select 'OK.'

8. Once completed, select the 'Notification Bell.'

9. Click 'Completed' on the 'Generate OEN validation file.'

10. Click 'Download' on the file with the number string 'onsis.xml'

11. Click on the file location within the 'Create batch file' box. "Location of OEN file:   ON > OEN > Request" You can also get to this file location through the 'File Manager.'

12. Select the checkbox beside the file name.

13. It will become highlighted.

14. Row-click on the file name. Select 'Download.'

15. Click "Downloads, completed.' Save this file to your computer.

16. To log in to the OEN site go to Select 'Generate Reports,' 'OEN Validation' then select 'Submit a file.'


The information found in this part of the document that references the Ministry OEN website contains general instructions to aid the user with the OEN Validation process and may change without notice. The OEN site is a Ministry of Education Software application and Edsembli is not responsible for the maintenance nor the instructions on how to use the OEN website. If you are experiencing any issues with accessing the 'Ministry OEN website' or for formal guidance on using the OEN software, contact your Ministry representative, not the Edsembli Support Team.

17. Select 'Choose File.' Find the file that you downloaded from Edsembli and select the file. Select 'Submit Request.' Once the file has been processed, you will receive an email.

18. Log back in to the OEN site. Go to 'Generate Reports,' 'OEN Validation' and then select 'View Results.'

19. Click on the name of the file that has been 'Processed.'

20. The results will break down the numbers in each category. If there are 'Invalid' or 'Mismatch' errors, you will need to select 'Download Results.' This is the file you need to 'Save' on your computer. You will bring this file back into Edsembli.

21. Go back into Edsembli via Main Menu > Ontario Reporting > Ontario Education Numbers (OEN) > Validate OENs in OnSIS. This time, select 'PROCESS RESULTS.'

22. Select the 'Location of OEN file: ON > OEN > Results' to open the folder to add the downloaded 'OEN results file' from your computer into this folder for processing.

23. Select the '+' sign to add the saved downloaded file. Select the file location from your computer and select 'Open' to add the file to the 'File Manager' location.

24. Select the File by clicking on the box beside the file name. Select 'Close' from the bottom right-hand side of the list of files.

25. After you have completed the step above, the process will automatically return you to the 'Process results file' screen. Select the file by clicking in the box beside the file name. Select 'Process Results File' on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

26. Select the 'Notification Bell' from the app bar. Select the 'Completed' file. Select either to 'Preview' the .PDF file OR 'Download' the .PDF file.

27. The file will look like the one displayed below. If your report shows errors, you will need to fix up the data. The data may be correct in Edsembli but incorrect on the OEN site or vice versa. The goal is to make both sites, Edsembli and OEN, match each other to prevent these mismatch errors.