Create a Staff Report

Every school needs to make sure that all instructional staff have been assigned a MEN number. By using the Staff Report and selecting the correct options, users will be able to easily identify missing information.

1. Click "Main menu"

2. Select 'Staff Tools.'

3. Select 'Staff Reports.'

4. Click "GO" on the 'Print Lists' card.

5. Uncheck 'Each surname initial on a separate page.' Leave all other defaulted selections checked.

6. Select the "NAME FORMATS" tab.

7. Select the 'Staff number.'

8. Select the 'MEN.'


10. From this screen, only select 'Role.'

11. Click 'Floating action 'Print' button.'

12. A toast will pop up letting you know that your request to build this report has begun. Select 'Ok.'

13. Once your report has been generated, select "Your notifications" to see your options.

14. Click "Completed" on 'Print staff list.'

15. Click 'Preview-Staff List.pdf'

16. Review the list to see which instructional staff are missing MEN numbers.

17. Step