1. Click "https://sis.support.edsembli.com/en/support/login"

You can have this link set as default in your Favorites. It will be easier to reach the page when you will need it.

2. Click "Tickets"

After login into SIS Support portal, you can go to Tickets to see either the status of your previous tickets or open a new support request.

3. Click "New Support Ticket" to create a New Support ticket.

4. Type "Test" - Enter a subject 

5. Click this text field. Ensure that you complete all mandatory fields, the one with the asterix "*"

6. Click "Show all results"

When enter the title, on the right side, you will be able to see if Solution articles, Forums or Known issues will display related to your title who may help you before submitting your new Support ticket.


7. Type "I need to know how to create a ticket"

Enter the information about the issue and include screen shots (if required). It is also important to give as much information you can provide with examples, with student's name, school's name.

8. Click this dropdown. Complete all mandatory fields.

9. Click this dropdown to set the Priority.

Set the Priority following the SLA definition:


 11. Submit your ticket to SIS Support

Submit your ticket. You will received notification in your email once the ticket will be update by an agent.