Pay Calendar Export & Import Process Overview

GOAL: To provide an overview on how to use Pay Calendar Export to manipulate year over year changes and import the new information for Pay Period Calendar. 


Process Overview

Payroll > Reporting Menu > Ad Hoc Group > Pay Period Calendar Export

Configure Employee Group, Year and choose Submit

Note: Submit Mode = Trial/Update is not necessary since this is a Data Export and not an Import. The file can be generated and simply ignored if need be. 


Process > Completed > Pay Calendar Information Report

Crystal Report

Note: Date format as YYYY-MM-DD. Consider local Excel settings which may update this upon download. 

CSV Report

C Drive > Reports > Payroll > logFile


At this stage you can download and manipulate the .csv file 

**Update any appropriate changes** 


Board Control > General Tables > Import Profile Maintenance > PAY_CAL

Note: The mapping is hard coded exactly for the Import and exactly matches the fields produces in the Pay Calendar Export


Payroll > Group Data > Pay Period Calendar Import

Ensure Profile Code = PAY_CAL

Choose Submit Mode = Trial > Update