How To Run Pay and Troubleshoot Pay Run Information

USE CASE: Best practice for setting up, completing, processing and revising a pay run


Ensure that all relevant Timesheets have been entered (if applicable)

  1. Payroll > Pay Run Menu > Entitlement > Submit

Entitlement is necessary when; 

  1. Compensation change
  2. Position End Dated
  3. Benefits or allowance change, new deduction amount
  4. Anything that affect the payroll
  1. Payroll > Pay Run Menu > Group Authorization > Submit

  1. You have to do it if you ran entitlements and you agree with entitlement adjustments
    1. You approve the Entitlement calculations by running this 
    2. This commits the Entitlement adjustment amounts to system memory
      1. Changes Authorized Indicator from N to Y under P&A and Salary & Allowances

  1. If Entitlement was 0, then no need to run Group Authorization 
    1. Since no change to commit to memory

  1. Entitlement > Authorize > Schedule > Pay > Not happy with Pay > Abort > Entitle again > Authorize again – This is BEST PRACTICE
  1. Payroll > Pay Run Menu > Schedule Group > Save

  1. Here you are able to see the next pay numbers you are scheduling for
  2. Pay Run type, Pay Dates and % of Salary for each Pay
  3. Pay period dates can vary because some groups are paid up to date, and some groups like timesheet groups are paid 2 or 4 weeks behind
    1. Salary usually paid on time
    2. Timesheet/casuals usually paid 2/4 weeks behind
      1. Delay so it’s easier internally
  1. Payroll > Pay Run Menu > Pay Run

  1. Verify employee amounts under Pay Register report

  1. Can navigate where users are using Locations Code

  1. Full display of Earnings / Deductions / Board Shares (taxable benefits)
  2. Most effective method of sorting is by searching Employee Name/Number
  3. At the end of the Report is the GROUP TOTAL amounts

  1. If ERROR > Abort and Rollback

  1. Make changes
  2. Entitlement if necessary
  3. Group Auth if necessary
  4. Then run Schedule Groups > Pay Run again > Review
  1. If GOOD > Confirm the Pay Run

  1. This makes it done in the software
  2. Run Payroll > Accounting > Report > Invalid Accounts before confirm pay

  1. Good practice

  1. Payroll > Cheque Process > Run Cheques and EFTs

  1. This is point where data moves to the Employee Portal - Portal > PAY STUB

  1. Or under HRP > Employee Pay Statements > All Pay Stub data in back end
  1. This File is then uploaded to the Bank 
  1. Create Payroll > Accounting > ACCOUNT DETAIL REPORT once payroll is done
    1. Finance can allocate everything to correct GLs

  1. This is what the posting should be
    1. Users, Amounts. GL Account

  1. Create BAS File > Posting File to FIN

  1. If customer uses edsembli FIN
    1. Generate BAS File in HRP > Get the report
    2. Open FIN > Import the report you just generated
  2. Puts all the details into FIN system
    1. Here you can break down each GL to see details