ROE Troubleshooting and Configuration Document

Necessary information

  1. Employee ID
  2. Pay Record screenshot/DAILY_EI_DATA 
    1. Outline the expected earnings
  3. Screenshot of ROE Report
    1. Showing the Last Day Worked that was configured
    2. Outlining the value that does not meet expectation
  4. Pay Number in question
  5. Basic Group Data setup
    1. Pay STAT_HOL2 config



Payroll > Group Data > Basic Group Data

Note: Confirm the below is setup in the event that the reported issue is that ROE Earnings are missing STATHOL Amounts.


Employee Daily EI Data script




Note: This is used to confirm the values depicted are reflected under the DAILY_EI_DATA table, as this is the table the ROE is basically a reflection of

Note: Use the EI_DATE for each earning record to match against LAST DAY PAID configured when running ROE (The earning might have been outside of the defined scope)


Employee Pay Record script



and Pay_number = 'PAY #'


Note: This is used to confirm the values that have been depicted in ticket details



How to determine the First Day Worked as shown on ROE Report



order by EI_DATE asc

Earliest EI_DATE = First Day Paid

Earliest EI_DATE = 2022/12/29

Therefore, First Day Paid = 2022/12/19

Note: First Day Worked is not the Start Date of Compensation Record. ROE is a reflection of DAILY_EI_DATA table and not Salary and Allowance. 


ROE Not Issued – Troubleshooting Information Required

  1. What group(s) are being run at once
    1. Screenshot of Batch ROE screenshot
    2. Shows us exact configuration
  2. What exact group is being run
    1. What incorrect group, if any, is being generated
    2. What Incorrect amounts, if any, are being generated