Payroll Deduction Import File Error Troubleshooting

ISSUE: Facing multiple issues on Payroll Deduction Import File. 

GOAL: To educate on different configuration to review and verify when each of the above errors happen upon Payroll Deduction File Import. 


Error: “The employee has Multiple Employee Groups with an OTIP Flag in this period”

FIX: Employee likely has a Future Position record with Benefit Plan = OTIP configured. This causes the system to think there are multiple OTIP records. 

Remove OTIP Flag from Future Position to reconcile. 

Note: Future Positions should not have Benefit Plan = OTIP configured yet. 



Error: “The employee is not in a matching group for this period”

FIX: This can be due to Future Position having Benefit Plan = OTIP configured when it should not. 

FIX2: No Current Position is configured with Benefit Plan = OTIP. 

While this is not a prerequisite to populate on MPL, this will cause the Deduction Import File to error out. 


where EMPLOYEE_ID = 'xxxx'

and POSITION_START_DATE >= '2022-03-30'