1. Go to the board level and to the menu

2. Go to Setup > Marks & comments

3. On the Achievement profiles card, click "GO"

4. Find Language 1-6, click on it and choose Edit

5. Click the pencil to edit the list of topics

6. Uncheck the four strands under Language 1-6

7. Click "DONE"

8. Click "SAVE"

9. Repeat the same steps for the Language 7-8 achievement profile to remove the strands, unchecking the four strands from under Language (7-8)

10. Click "SAVE"

11. Click "CLOSE" on the list of achievement profiles

12. In the same Marks & comments menu, click "GO" on the Achievement parameters card

13. From the Achievement profile list, choose "Language 1-6"

14. From the Setup parameter list choose "Marks"

15. Under both Report 1 and Report 2, choose "Elementary 1-6"

16. Click "SAVE"

17. From the Setup parameters list, choose "Programs"

18. Make sure all ESL/ELD and IEP boxes are checked under both Report 1 and Report 2. Keep NA checked, as well

19. Click "SAVE"

20. Choose "Language 7-8" from the list of Achievement parameters , check the ESL/ELD and IEP boxes under Report 1 and Report 2, and click SAVE

23. From the Setup parameter list, choose "Marks"

21. Under both Report 1 and Report 2, choose "Elementary 7-8" and click "SAVE"

22. Now, if you are to go into an elementary school and look at the class with the Language topic, the mark-entry should be available. In CONNECT, teachers should be able to build markbooks, enter marks, and edit topic program codes (IEP, etc) as needed

23. Please note, an additional step is also required, to change the size of the comment box that is available to teachers to input the Language comment. For both grades 1-6 and 7-8 Language achievement profiles, change the Language topic in both report 1 and report 2, change the height of the comment parameter to 4.45 cm. Leave the : 

Also, please note that the width is different each of them:  Language 1-6, it is:  14.402 cm and Language 7-8, it is: 11.366 cm for Report 1 & 2 (see below)