How to Configure Absence Accounts

ISSUE: How to configure Absence Account Codes in edsembli HRP.

FIX: All Account Code changes can be configured in Board Control > Absences as shown below.

Navigate to Board Control > Absences > Absence Account


Select Search to view all of the Absence Accounts that are currently configured within the system


In order to add a new Absence Account Code choose New

Configure the New Absence Account details as preferred, ensure you toggle all of the desired parameters for the different sections and once complete choose Save to update your changes. 


Alternatively, users can Modify the currently configured Absence Accounts or Delete any Absence Account that will no longer be in use.

Note: It is important to remember that the Absence Account Code field is not editable under Modify. 


How to Update Absence Account Codes

ISSUE: Once configured, Absence Account Codes are unable to be edited. 

Fix: To recreate or complete any desired Account Code update, users must delete the current Absence Account Code, and simply re-create another Code as a means of updating or facilitating any necessary code change. 


Note: It is also important to remember; if you delete Absence Account Codes that are in use by employees, you will have to update on employee level as well.