Create New Absence Group from Existing Absence Group

ISSUE: Employees were grouped into on Absence Group which cannot meet the needs of all employees within it. Absence Groups need to be broke down to a more granular level. 

GOAL: To demonstrate how to create a new Absence Group and parse out certain employees from the existing Absence Group into the new Absence Group. 



Board Control > General Tables > Miscellaneous Codes Maintenance > AG

Choose Edit > New

**Create the new Absence Group Code here** 


Board Control > Absences > Absence Group

**Create the Absence Group = Account records** 

This stage associates all of the appropriate Absence Accounts to the newly created Absence Group


Staffing > Position and Assignment > EID > Absences & Contracts Tab

**Modify the Absence Group from old to new AG**


Employee Information > Accounts & Individual Calendars > Search EID

**Add the new Accounts and then delete the old Absence Group Accounts afterwords**

Note: The order does not matter as far as HRP is concerned, but keep the old records present until the new Absence Group records have been added, as users will need to know the balances to transfer