Allowance Code shows empty

ISSUE: When adding a New Employee Allowance, the 'Allow Code' Dropbox appears empty

Staffing > Staff Management > Search for employee > Open file > Compensation Tab > Employee Allowance tab


Step 1: Board Control > Compensation > Board Allowances > Search

In this screen you will be able to see if there are any allowances already created.

If you need to create a new one, press '+ New'. Fill the fields > Save

Step 2:

Board Control > Compensation > Group Allowances and Grids > Allowance Grids tab

Select the Employee Group Code for which you want to Add an Allowance > Search > + New

Fill the fields with the proper data for the allowance. Example bellow (no real data):

Hit Save.

Step 3:

Go back to the Group Allowances Tab > + New

Choose the Allowance just save in the previous step, fill the fields and save the record.

The Allow Code will appear when adding a New Employee Allowance: