CNS Process Overview: Config, Setup & Projection

GOAL: To educate and explain the CNS Process in terms of required configuration, what this function builds off, and how to 


CNS > Control Tables > Contract Maintenance

**Uniquely identify all Contract Codes to be negotiated**

Ensure Status = A and accurate Negotiation Period Start Date for each Contract Code defined


Board Control > Compensation > Salary Grids

Note: Salary Grids need to be built out within the system

**Values are predetermined raise amounts from Negotiations**


CNS build on top of the amounts defined here


CNS > Build Projection Grids (folder) > Build Projection Grids

**Here you build Projection TO and FROM points**


CNS > Build Projection Grids > Negotiation Salary Grids

Choose a Contract Code and the associated Projection Code

Choose desired combo > Find

**This is where you define Salary Increases (Grid Steps)**

  • For Emp Groups under each Contract + Projection Code combos


CNS > Build Projection Grids > Negotiation Allowance Grids

**Same Start > Choose Contract Code and Projection Code combo**

**This is where Allowance Increases (Grid Steps) are defined**

  • For Allowances configured under Emp Groups for each Contract + Projection Code combos



Note: Sometimes there will be negotiations where Salary and Allowance increases can differ 

  • Example: Salary 3% raise, however Allowance raise is 1%



CNS > Online Summary

Note: This is the main module that you will use during Negotiations. 

In the above example, we see a more common scenario where the Contract Code has a more recent Negotiation Period Start due to use of a Projection Code for the current year budget. 


The outcome of the Bargaining can be inputted into the Calculator module as shown below; 

Note: Sometimes Allowance increases will be matched to Salary, however this is not always the case. 

Here we can see a 3% Salary Increase + 1% Allowance increase that will be over a 1 Year Agreement

Note: The length of the Agreement indicates the Number of Year to be Projected over. 

Choose Calculate to generate results. 

The module uses Projected FTE Count against Salary and Allowance values to determine Total Salary and Allowance values. 




Salary + Allowance

Outputs are used for decision making by the Board when comparing against budgets and costs

  • These values assist in determining where to cut costs if applicable
    1. By Changing % Increase/Decrease values to view the changes it generates


CNS > Reports > Projection by GL Account

**Report will display the projections divided by GL Account per Contract Code**


CNS > Projection Calculation

**Used to determine how much a % raise will turn into $/Hour value**

Choose Run = Y for the desired Contract Code > Save and Submit