HRP Allowance Breakdown & MPL System Calculations

ISSUE: How exactly does HRP break down, interpret, calculate and apply Allowances to Employee Compensation for MPL Reports? 

FIX: A breakdown of the different types of Allowances, and system calculations are available below. 


Types of Employee Allowances:

  1. Prorated (Has an End Date)
    1. Less than Full Year
      1. Example = 10 Months
  2. Non-Prorated (No End Date)
    1. System assumes Full Year Value
      1. System will add the entire value



How End Dates Impact Allowance Calculation:

Prorated (End Dated):


Allowance Rate = $3,000

Allowance Period = 12 Months


Allowance Rate / Allowance Period = 3,000 / 12 = $250/month

Start to End Date = 10 Months

10 Month Prorated Allowance Amount = 10 * $250 = $2,500


Non-Prorated (End Date = NULL, or Exceeds 1 Full Year):

IF NO END DATE à System considers full year amount

IF End Date = More than 1 Year à System considers full year amount