When trying to enroll a student from this board and you get the following failed message 

When trying to enroll a student for next year you need to make sure you set the student as this year only with a destination school within your board/division and fill out all dates and items needed.

The issuing school: check to see if the student had any name changes, if so this will need to be changed to allow the student to transfter to the new school. 

Student record> name>Name changes 

This student example had the surname and name mixed up when they had been registered. 

Edit the students name and change it back to what is reflected> Save 

In this example I had to switch the given name the surname

Go back to the school the student will attend> student tools> enroll from this school> choose the school> student> fill out all areas needed and enroll the student. 

Another example when the error message will appear is when the Preferred or Legal name hasn't matched up, you will need to change the preferred name to reflect the changes made to all the student to be registered at the issuing school.