How to Configure Future Salary Grids and Remove Erroneous Grids

ISSUE: Best practice to configure and apply Future Salary Grids for an Employee Group

select * from EC_EMPLOYEE_SALARY

where EMP_GROUP_CODE = 'xxx'


Note: This script is to identify how many SALARY_CATEGORY_CODE for the group

**Notice there is only one SALARY_CATEGORY_CODE


Board Control > Compensation > Salary Grid 


STEP 1: Configure the desired Future Salary Grids one year at a time, as this is best practice. Use the End Date, Duplicate and repeat process. 

End Date the Current Salary Grid with End Date = Current Year / 08 /31 

Duplicate for Next Year record where Start Date = Next Year / 09/ 01

End Date the record with 08/31 > Duplicate to make the following Year

Repeat for another Future Year Salary Grid


STEP 2: Run the Salary and Allowances Update process to put the new Salary Grids (Current and Future) into effect. 

  1. Ensure Salary Grid 
  2. Run the Process in Trial Mode
    1. Review Salary/Allowance Update report for outcomes
  3. Run the Process in Update Mode
  4. Verify Employee Salary Records

If 'Adjust Indicator' is set to Y, after running the process in 'Update Mode' the system will create Entitlement Report and 'Authorize Indicator' will change to Y in "EC_EMPLOYEE_SALARY" Record.


Board Control > Compensation > Salary and Allowance Update

Note: It is best to run this process year by year, in Trial first and then Update instead of running all the years together at once. 

Run the process in trial (Mode = T) first. Then configure Run Indicator = Y to Submit the process. 


Once the process has completed navigate to Process > Completed to view the generated Report. 

Note: There will be no Salary Update in Trial


Once satisfied, Submit again in Update (Mode = U). 

Note: This Process will take significantly longer as the System will be updating all of the Salary Tables 

Once the process is completed under Update mode > The Salary & Allowance Update record will move and Populate under History of Compensation Update tab

In order to proceed with Updating Future Grids, Adjustment Indicator must be Updated to be ‘N’ using DB script. 


where EMP_GROUP_CODE = 'xxx'

and GRID_EFFECTIVE_DATE >= '2022-09-01'

Once Adjustment Indicator = N, submit Future Salary Grids under Trial, and then Update, in Salary and Allowance Update module and then update Adjustment Indicator = N. 



How to make Salary and Allowance Update module produce an Entitlement

If Adjustment Indicator = Y is configured, the background process will produce an Entitlement. 

This is only the case in Update mode, Trial mode will not produce an Entitlement despite Adjustment Indicator = Y

  • This is because under Trial no Salary records are updated, so there is nothing to produce an Entitlement

Workaround: If you wish to be able to preview the Entitlment before processing in Update mode

Load backup of PROD to TEST > Run Trial > Run Update with Adjustment Indicator = Y > Preview the Entitlement

  • Once satisfied with Entitlement > Proceed on PROD with Update to get the same results


ISSUE: Future Salary Grids created in Error. What is the Impact and how to remove. 

IMPACT: There is not much impact as long as the erroneous Salary Grid record is Future status. 

Entitlements will not pick up this change until the Grid Start Date and the Salary Grid becomes Current. 

FIX: Scripts are necessary to remove the Salary records and Delete the update Parameters


**This is if you want to deactivate the parameters to Save the records to re-run in the future.


where EMP_GROUP_CODE = 'xxx'

and GRID_EFFECTIVE_DATE >= '2022-09-01'



set SUBMIT_IND = 'N'

where EMP_GROUP_CODE = 'xxx'

and GRID_EFFECTIVE_DATE >= '2023-09-01'


**Scripts to Select and Delete the produced salary records entirely from Salary and Allowance Update process

select * from EC_EMPLOYEE_SALARY

where EMP_GROUP_CODE = 'xxx'

and SALARY_START_DATE >= '2023-09-01'



where EMP_GROUP_CODE = 'xxx'

and SALARY_START_DATE >= '2023-09-01'