Trying to add a class in a Student’s timetable and receiving this error message or if you have withdraw a student by mistake and you want to reactivate the Student records as per This Year next year.


Where and what to look: 

You may want to add a class with the same section that was dropped (example: BOH4Ma). 

Go to the Student records > Class info > Class > look in Course workload dropped 


If the class shows into that section: 

Go to the Student records > Class info > Timetable >Ellipse (3 dots) - select Register 

CASE 1  

Sometimes it happens that the Class enrolment start date and the Class enrolment end date are the same and that may be a reason why that class was dropped at the first place. 


Then if it is the case, change the dropped date for the same date the Class enrolment start date >SAVE 


The dropped class will disappear from the Course workload – Dropped 

CASE 2: 

If you have a dropped class that should never have been added in the first place and was dropped and should not show at all into the Student records.  Once you’ve edited the class in the Register, click on the delete FAB (trash can) and delete it.