The course is set up as Dual Enrolment, but it is not syncing to PASI as Dual Enrolment from the student record. 

When trying to push, you see the following error:

Error 42005 Missing information. A course enrolment in the course code must be indicated as a dual enrolment.

However, the PASI compare screen shows that the course is set up and syncing correctly as Dual Enrolled Dual Credit:


If the school has a jurisdiction of Alberta, an option called Dual enrolment will be present in the row-click on the course code/section in the left-most column of the grid. 

1) The edit timetable shows this class at the bottom: 



2) Click the class to open the popup menu and select Dual enrolment: 



3) Enable the checkbox and save. 


4) Go to the student record, and push the data to PASI.