Problems were encountered while printing transcripts for the following students'. Credit totals cannot be properly calculated due to inconsistent information in these students' total or compulsory credits.  


Example of Error: 



To troubleshoot this issue, start by following these steps: 


1) First, calculate compulsory credits: 

Menu > Achievement > Calculate compulsory credits 



2) Once the process completed, run Graduation requirements: 

Menu > Achievement > Completed Courses > Graduation requirements > MET 


3) When that process is completed, run a correlate: 

Menu > Achievement > Tools > Correlate > Go 


4) Now, try to print the Official transcript for the student again: 

Student Record > Achievement > Completed courses > Print (Official Transcript) 



If you are still experiencing the same error, we need to take a closer look at the actual credits. 


Scenario A 

Some courses exist with too many categories assigned within the Code in the Codes table. 

A possible workaround is to edit the identified course and manually go over the credits earned for the student. 

1) Student Record  > Completed courses 

2) edit the course 

3) Go to the Sub./Equivalency Credits tab 

4) Check the “Different values required that defaults in codes table” checkbox 

5) For the student’s Grade values you could add credits for each of the required categories 

6) Save