There can be multiple reasons for a class section to not sync to PASI. 
Best practices it to first check for any Alerts or Rejections at the top of the PASI Compare Screen for Class Sections.

Issue: Class section not syncing to PASI with no alerts or rejections.

- In this example we see special characters in the Course Title or Description. 

PASI does not seem to allow unique characters: 




  1. Edit the course (this year) (School Level > Menu > Setup > Class Info > Courses (This Year)
  2. Edit the affected course.
  3. Uncheck "Is title same as code?” checkbox. 
  4. Select the radio button for "French". 
  5. Edit the French title and remove any special characters "é", "-", “ê, etc. 
  6. Save. 
  7. The class section will sync instantly.