For students who left the school and are returning to the school in the near future (i.e. start of semester 2), here is how the school should be entering data:  


The entry date (PASI Entry Date and Entry to This School) may be different at the start.

The Entry to this school date is the date that the student starts at this school while the PASI entry date is the date that the student is entered into PASI, it cannot be in the future.

This is because every time edsembli is transferred to new year the PASI entry date will be updated to the first day of that school year (which will be equal to the Entry to this school date if the student is just starting at the school)

Note: The PASI entry date will continue to update as the student goes to the next grades.



The Exit date and the PASI exit date should be the same. 

edsembli and PASI pull respectively from the different exit dates. 



- If this date is in the future, then the student's Registration Status needs to be entered as Registered

 The Registration Status for ALL students will change when running the Update Student Registration Status card from the Board Level.

Note: Schools may get a warning/work item in PASI on these students that says the school has a student who registered but not active. 

- They can acknowledge this item, but do not instruct them to change the student's Registration Status to Active, as this will then generate a different warning/work item that states the "student is active before the start date". 

- The original warning/work Item, stating the student is "registered but not active", will disappear once the student enrollment date has arrived.