The student pictures have to be named as studentnumber.jpg or ministrynumber.jpg.  

For instance, if the student number is 000123456, the file should be 000123456.jpg
The file name should total 9 digits with leading zeros. 

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Within the import student pictures screen, you must specify how to match the pictures to student records. 

What you select will depend on how the photos were labeled (named).
You have two options, Student number (this tends to be the most common format used) or Ministry Number.  

Next, verify that you wish to Update existing pictures (meaning, this will overwrite existing older photos) and whether or not to include deleted students (students who may have been at your school for picture day and for whom you have a photo but have since left the school).    

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To match the filenames correctly, make sure to select which filename format you have used for the files you are about to import:


Next, click the icon beside Student Pictures. 

This will bring you into the file manage where you will upload your school’s photo file(s) and import into edsembli SIS. 

Press the plus icon to add the file(s). Once added you can click the close button to return to Import student pictures screen.  


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Now, click the Import files icon located in the bottom right. This will begin the import process and send a notification to the Task Manager.  

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Your request will be submitted to the Task Manager. 

Should you choose, you can move on to other tasks. When the job is finished you will be alerted and can return to the task manager to review the task details. It is recommended that you preview the log pdf for any errors.  


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Students now have student profile pictures imported into the student record.  


Should you need to edit or manually add a student’s profile picture within the student record, simply click on the picture or the silhouette icon.  

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Once in the Add/edit profile picture card, click on the picture and then find location/path where the picture exists. 

Click the save button when done.  


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