If you require to import a group of students to your school, please see attached file: "Student Import Specifications" and "Student Import Business Rules".

Once you are ready, submit a ticket with your request. There request should include 1 import file per school where you want to import the students.

Import file should be uploaded to FTP site for Edsembli to process.

At this moment the import script is ready for Ontario schools only. Edsembli is working on getting ready this option for other jurisdictions as well.

6/19/2023 - Updated Student Import Specifications file

9/22/2023 - Updated Student Import Specifications file:

                    Fields modified: Gender type

                    Fields added:  Gender Description, Student email address, D2L Username

10/27/2023 - Updated Student Import Specification file:

                       Field Modified: Gender Description (allows Min.Code only), D2L Usn


NOTE: If you want to also include classes and/or course requests in your file please follow the instructions on Student Timetable and/or Course Request Import : SIS Support (edsembli.com) 

Note: We are missing a "Contact# Box" field in the specification file that need to be available in the file after the "Contact# R.R." field. Please make sure, the Import file contain that field also.