The option to Update school calendars has been added at the school level in Setup, Calendar. It is available if the user has rights to Modify other school calendars. This option will allow a user to change calendar settings for multiple schools. The update will always update cycle days and dates in the calendar, and it will also update alternate day rotation, events and semester/ term start and end dates optionally. The option can be found within the ellipse menu if the user has the appropriate rights.


Step 1 check permissions:  security> select your account> edit > permissions> setup> school board setup>calendar

Step 2: Choose one school that you wish to push the calendar from (one for secondary and one for elementary), this process is not done at board level. Once you choose your school(s) make all the changes needed and follow the steps below.

Step 3: Main menu: setup> calendar > Go

Step 4: Click on the ellipse once the calendar loads (three dots right corner of the calendar)

Step 5: Choose your options > click update bottom right corner of screen

You will get the following prompt, click update to complete the process.

Task will be sent to the notification bell, and you will receive a completed task once done

NOTE: The active calendar days need to match in both schools for this process to work. Example: if one calendar includes weekends while the other calendar doesn't then this process will fail.