Adding a Teacher Connect Account


From the school level, the teacher must have a staff record in the system before they can have a Connect account created. If needed, you can add a new staff record from Staff Tools> Add New Staff. 

To add a Connect account, go to More Tools, and click the edsembli Connect Card.

Click the + button to add a new account.

You'll see the Add account screen:

Select the appropriate Group type from the dropdown, eg. "Teacher" for a Teacher account.

Click the "Change" button which will bring up a staff search screen so you can find the staff member to associate the account to.

The selected teacher will show up in the "Active Person" field.

Set an Account name which will be the teacher's login username to the Connect portal. This can also be edited after the account has been created. 

Enter Teacher's display name in the Full Name field. 

Click the Save button at bottom of screen to save the account. You'll see the notification pop up "New account created!", indicating a successful save. You can then exit out of the add/edit account screen. 



Once an account is created you be able to find it from the Accounts list in edsembli Connect Security.

You should select/click the newly created account and click "Change Password" to set a password for the account.

To edit account permissions/settings, click an account and select Edit.

In the edit, from the Permissions tab, you can modify the account permissions to the Connect portal.

In the edit, from the Policies tab, you can edit general account settings (Lockout account, Must change password at next login, etc.)

To delete an account, Edit account, and click the Trash icon to delete.