STUDENT RECORDS  --  This card shows the total number of students enrolled in the school you are currently logged into. Use the handy student records icon to open the main student records search page. 

WAITING FOR REGISTRATION  --  Students who are in the Online registration queue to be registered.  This list should match the Student tools, Manage Online Registration total. This does not include resolved or transferred registrations. If there are multiple registrations included for a student (a registration submitted more than once), the student can be double counted. 

REGISTERED STUDENTS -- Registered students include all students who have been registered via online registration.  This includes all successful registrations where a student is added to Edsembli as a new student. If students are enrolled in multiple schools via online registration, they may be included multiple times in this total. 

SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAMS  -- Includes students with Special ed status of Active, if the student status is not past at the current school. 

RETIREMENTS THIS MONTH  --  Uses the current date to determine the number of students marked as “Withdrawn” during the current month. 

NEW ENROLMENTS THIS MONTH  -- This card includes all students who were added to the school. This will include students who are This year and next year, This year only or withdrawn (if they came and left in the same month) and have an Entry to this school date within the current month. 

STUDENT SUSPENSIONS -- All students with a Student incident recorded this month, where the consequence assigned to the student is defined as a Suspension. Currently this is based on the consequence having an English title that contains “Suspe”- 

NEXT YEAR ONLY -- All students with a status of Next Year only. 

STUDENTS WITHOUT TIMETABLES -- Includes any students in grades 9 - 12 who are currently enrolled as This Year and Next Year of this year only who have no classes in their timetable.