Supervisor can Approve their own Absence Timesheet

ISSUE: Certain employees are able to log into Portal > Absence > Employee Entry and when filling out a New Absence – they are able to configure themselves as the Supervisor to Approve. 

FIX: This typically leads back to configuration under the Web Absence Timesheet Authorization Maintenance module and can be resolve by deleting or modifying the record in question. 


Steps to Resolve:

Staffing > Position & Assignment > EID 

Job Code = JOB_CODE

Location Code = LOC_CODE


Board Control > General Tables > Web Absence Timesheet Authorization Maintenance

NOTE: Left Side = Supervisor Configuration (how to define what kind of supervisor should have the access) 

NOTE: Right Side = Employee Configuration (how to define which Employees the supervisors will have access for)

The best way to check configuration under this module is to Add and Apply a Filter for the desired Job Code and Location Code defined above. 

Add Filter > Filter = 'Location Code = LOC_CODE + Job Code = JOB_CODE' > Right Click > Apply Filter

Notice we are making Supervisor-side Filters for the Job and Location code pertaining to the Employee in question

Using this filter we can review the different configuration under the Employee-side for all the records which populate. 

This will give us an idea of the different Locations of Employees that this User can govern - In this case we are looking for our own. 

***Here we can see the Record which defines the Supervisor Parameters (LOC_CODE + JOB_CODE) to be able to approve their own Entries (LOC_CODE)***

The above outlined record indicated that this user can Approve Absences for their own Location with Full Authority. 

Essentially, we are looking for the record where the Location Code on the Employee-Side is the same as configured on the Supervisor Side. This is the record which provides the permissions to Self-Approve. 


FIX = Remove the Web Authorization record for the Supervisor Parameters to approve their own Absences. 

**While leaving the other records which will retain this Employee "groups" ability to govern the other Employee's Absence records**

F1 Menu > Web Absence Timesheet Authorization Maintenance > Ctrl + F 'Authorization Level'


Reload Portal > Absence > Employee Entry

New Entry

**Notice users own name is not populated under Supervisor to Approve**