1. User Id must not be blank: 

Board Control > K212 Portal > Employee User ID 

Search for the Employee and if the field ‘User ID’ is populated: 


**This step is what associated the Employee with the Portal 

Note: If User ID = NULL, then user will be prompted for an Employee ID when trying to sign into Portal.  

2. Confirm if you submitted (Submit button) the process for the PARTTIME group as we noticed that Michael is a brand-new employee: 

Board Control > K212 Portal > Create Portal Groups > Find 


**This process will distribute permissions to Employees based on Employee Group, if the associated Portal Group has been configured 

Select the group that your employee belongs to. 

Example: Employee is under PARTTIME group. 

PARTTIME group is already configured for Portal. 

Press the Submit button. 


3. Please confirm that the employee activity is active under the Staffing > Identification. Search for the employee: