User is Unable to Edit Personal Information in Portal

ISSUE: User is not able to enter or Save any changes under Portal > Personal. 


Steps to Resolve:

If Edit = Dark Blue à Indicates that the Edit button was not clicked

Note: Once Edit button is chosen > Save button will illuminate

  • You have to choose Edit to unlock the ability to Save changes. 



If Covid Vaccination Attestation = ON under Portal > Settings > Board > Personal Tab

  • User will need to choose one of the Covid Vaccination Attestation options under General Information tab before they can make other edits

Note: System views this field as a requirement and must be populated prior to any other changes.

This is indicated by COVID19 Vaccination Status being highlighted under Personal > Profile > General Information

Note: You can turn Vaccination Attestation = OFF > Save. This will allow users to edit and not have to enter any attestation. 


Note: HR Approval of Changes will populate once User is able to successfully save their desired change.

This will be indicated by red lettering beside the field in which the change was made while the change is being Approved by HR (under Portal > Profile > Personal > Profile Change Approval module).