ISSUE: When you need to add an attachment but Modify is no longer an option because the item is closed.

In the past there have been problems when further documentation is needed to be added to an item but the item is already closed (e.g. a journal voucher has already been posted, a PO has already been closed, an invoice has already been paid, etc).


Attachments can now be added regardless of the status of an item, right from inquiry mode.  All you need is for the permission to be granted in the Operation Access portion of the Security module.  Below is an example of where in Operation Access that permission would be granted for purchase orders.  The same concepts apply equally to:

  • A/R Invoice  
  • Cash Receipt 
  • Budget Transfer  
  • Budget Entry  
  • Budget Voucher  
  • Invoice  
  • Journal Voucher  
  • PO  
  • Requisition 


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