PASI Course Enrolment - How to change Funding Request to "Yes" 
I went to the student’s timetable and dropped the class.   

Then the pop up came up, I filled it in saying the student is withdraw, ”Yes” to funding and entered the date.   None of that saved.     
I don’t know where to say ”Yes” to funding. 

Funding Requested - This will always be set to Yes, except for one situation. If a class is dropped, and no instructional minutes are provided, the funding request will be set to No.  
Funding Requested -  Yes or No based on whether the funding check box is checked for the course.  
Instructional Minutes Received -This field is optional, however, if the school want to request funding for a dropped class, this field must be populated (to help support the request for funding). The instructional minutes received may be entered in the register for dropped classes only. Note: This field is also available when editing a student’s completed courses.  

Once I added the instructional minutes then the funding changed to Yes.