Any special characters in the titles of your User-Defined Custom Field might cause Quick Report errors. 


When exporting a Quick Report using any custom field and see a “Failed” error message: 



- Click on the “Failed” error message to open.  

- Then, click on the actual message to read the details of the error message: 



- Sometimes the error might provide a hint in the first link to indicate why the report has failed: 

- This example indicates that the syntax around the characters ‘3E’ is incorrect:  


- When you review your custom field titles, you might find one of the custom fields was saved with a title containing the characters mentioned in the error message: 


- Currently, the SIS does not allow alphanumeric (or other special characters) within the title of the custom field, only alphabetic characters is allowed. 



1) Go to Setup > User-Defined Fields > Custom Fields

2) Remove the number (or other special characters) from the custom field title.

3) Save.